Ready for action with HKG

Ready for action with HKG
Took this photo with me in it as a mistake when HKG was posing

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Very few Profile views

Just checking the stats - and I see that only about 5% of readers have viewed my profile.
It could be that they're just here for the photos. I have few others I could put up....and I suppose I could take more. Oddly enough, it's more difficult to get men to pose than you can see from my selection.
But I'm not sure why that is.

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  1. Well, having looked at your profile, I must say that you are a most unusual person. Eclectic does not even begin to describe how disparate your interests & activities are. And I expect that most readers of sites such as this are cruising for a sexual buzz rather than reflective comment.