Ready for action with HKG

Ready for action with HKG
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Friday, 4 January 2013

Totally off the mark replies - and more

On an ongoing basis I keep ads on Craigslist, in my case seeking Asian women and older uncut Asian men.

Even though my ad for men says I'm only looking for Asian men over 55 who are uncut & otherwise straight, the overwhelming majority of responses I get are from openly gay circumcised Caucasian men in their 20s. What gives?
A friend of mine says it's because these people send out replies to almost every ad, presumably in the (vain) hope that the person posting the ad will actually be interested in quite the opposite of what they're ostensibly seeking. Possible, I suppose.

The replies to my ads for women fit into totally different categories. Firstly, there's the standard three or four from prostitutes. Then there's a predictable few from Caucasian women who write to advise me that I'll rot in hell - presumably because I note in my ad that I'm "partially attached".

I did have an interesting one from a Filipino woman a month or so ago. Interesting in that she didn't ask me what "partially attached" meant - and almost every woman does. She seemed like a nice person....and I was interested. So I said that I didn't want any misunderstanding to develop & I was concerned that she hadn't asked. And her reply was "my intention is boyfriend and girlfriend relationship only no more than that". So I met her. She was slightly plumper than I was hoping for, but she was clearly interested. So two nights later I took her out to dinner & then back to my place. She was terribly horny. She squealed like a stuffed pig and came rather quickly. All that was fine, but she then became very "needy", writing to me twice a day - and that's something I just wasn't willing to deal with.
So I'm out looking again.

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