Ready for action with HKG

Ready for action with HKG
Took this photo with me in it as a mistake when HKG was posing

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Another interesting week in Hong Kong (mid. Oct./13)

On my previous visit to Hong Kong, I raised the idea with HKG of having another woman join us. Knowing my stamina - and I suppose being interested in seeing what might happen - she arranged for one of her friends to join us for dinner.
After a very pleasant meal, we asked the young woman/girl at the cash to take a photo of the three of us...and, being the helpful sort, after she took the photo she checked to make sure it was OK....but what came up on my camera was the photo at the top of this blog (which I had taken the previous evening). I don't know if she has recovered yet, but I did get my camera back quickly.
Unfortunately, her friend couldn't get her mind around the concept of a threesome. Perhaps she might have felt differently if she had seen the photo in question(?).

This time, HKG (who is now 44 - and always "in the mood"), volunteered another friend, Ruth, who, on learning that I would soon be visiting, had suggested that she might be interested in joining us. She wasn't specific as for what, but it seemed worth pursuing.
So we made arrangements to have her join us for dinner last Saturday evening.
I spoke with her on the phone earlier in the day and arranged to meet her at the nearby Tin Hau MTR station at 8 p.m. - and then walk over to the restaurant together. At about 7:45 she texted me that she had just got off work & was headed home to change....but it went quickly downhill from there. Eventually, around 10 p.m. HKG, who by this time was beside herself, got Ruth on the phone - & she admitted that she had had a last minute panic attack.
So we made the best of the evening, with a late dinner followed by some activities of mutual interest. These two photos might give you a general idea. Neither were taken at the restaurant. 


I've got a new hot one lined up for my next trip. More about her in another blog.

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