Ready for action with HKG

Ready for action with HKG
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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Disconnects - and some corollaries

An interesting term that probably applies to numerous subjects....but which fascinates me in terms of human behaviour & perception, especially as it relates to sex.

It's a given that most men are preoccupied with sex, at least in terms of the amount of time they spend thinking about it. Like Woody Allen, they imagine themselves having it with every second woman they lay eyes on. And while they expect women to be gorgeous and edible, they don't make the connection between their appearance & hygiene and what a woman might find alluring.
A number of years back, in a discussion that somehow related to this observation,  I once suggested to my (now ex) wife the concept of an "oral sex test", which worked as follows:
We were sitting in a family restaurant at the time & I asked how long it might take each of us to identify five members of the opposite sex we'd be willing (albeit perhaps not interested) to perform oral sex on. She quickly responded that I'd win hands down every time, mainly because very few men coming into the place were at all edible. She then went on to observe that it was an amazing disconnect that applied to 99+% of the men she had ever met.

It set me to thinking about it. And of course it applies to women in different ways - and to all of us in many other aspects of our lives. In women, though, it's perhaps slightly more subtle.
Just walk into the main floor of any major department store, and what do you see first? Dozens of counters marketing cosmetics and beauty products.
Quite apart from the fact that I've never heard a man comment on a woman's make-up, other than perhaps sarcastically, most women spend hours and large sums of money making themselves physically attractive (usually missing the mark by forgetting about the role that fitness plays in the equation) and then being affronted when a man takes a very physical interest in them. "I want him to be interested in me as a person" is the sort of refrain I associate with the average (at least Caucasian) female.

And some corollaries:
  • The less attractive a woman is, the more concerned she will be about the possibility of being "bothered by men" when she travels.
  • The less attractive a woman is, the more difficult she will be to pick up.
(To be continued.)

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