Ready for action with HKG

Ready for action with HKG
Took this photo with me in it as a mistake when HKG was posing

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Sated again in Hong Kong

This place is like a candy store.
Absenting myself for 8 days on a business trip to Hong Kong always raises my ladyfriend's eyebrows - to a large extent I think because her job takes her here often & she see the number of gorgeous woman around.....and wonders what I'll be doing over the weekend.
And rightfully so.

A 59 year old Chinese woman (who had spent much of her life in the U.S.) had contacted me on Hong Kong Cupid a month or so ago. So I figured well, why not?
Met her for dinner on the 13th. She was interesting, but I think getting a little old for an interest in "instant romance".

Then there's a woman I'll call HGK 2.
She's a 44 year old Filipina whom I tried to pick up in an outdoor market two years ago. Unfortunately, her employer wouldn't let her out in the evenings, so it went nowhere.
But I stayed in touch - & she found a new employer. So I was able to meet when I was here a few months ago. Although she was amorous, she wasn't about to let anything happen. I might have dropped her, but for some reason I continued to stay in touch.
This time I thought I'd press the case - and so arranged to take her out for dinner on Valentine's Day. While she was quite amorous after dinner, she wasn't about to give in.
Knowing all the Filipina domestics have Saturday night & all day Sunday off - & sensing she was actually a lot more vulnerable than she was letting on - I invited her out to dinner again last night. Back to my hotel again - and her desires got the better of her. It  took her about 20 minutes to have her first orgasm....and then she was hopelessly lost.
Saw her off to church this morning after breakfast. I'm sure she'll seek forgiveness.
She wouldn't pose in the nude, but here she is in the shower.

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