Ready for action with HKG

Ready for action with HKG
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Monday, 24 February 2014

Toilet sex in Hong Kong - & paydirt this time

There's some action in a few of the toilets, but it's sporadic, unpredictable - and somehow not all that alluring.

Last Saturday I had yet another look at the toilets just above Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan.
There were a few men coming & going, but nothing of interest. I did speak with a young man there who was obviously gay (i.e. not at all what I'm looking for), but he was pleasantly forthcoming about what goes on, when the action usually is and all those topics that's it's difficult to engage other fellow loiterers about.
I asked him if the washroom attendant ever bothered anyone. He replied, no, but he was concerned about being hassled by the police because he felt he would attract their attention. I was going to suggest that he dispense with the faux fur bracelets he was wearing, but thought better of it.
The next Tuesday I took the MTR to Tsuen Wan, which is at the western end of the Red Line, primarily to see if there were any interesting markets to photograph (one of my hobbies).
Happily enough, I found the main market & some most unusual fish on display, but, as usual, nothing doing at the men's toilets. However, just a little further along the main road (at approx. 85 Tsuen Wan Market Street per Google Maps) I found a walled public garden, with large public washrooms on the street just before the entrance.
I went in - and was most interested to see the number of older men standing at the urinals. Figuring it might be worth joining them, I found myself a spot....and knew I had hit paydirt.
It reminded me of the washroom at Taganskaya Metro in Moscow. Lots of older (& seemingly otherwise straight) men hanging about discreetly, but for longer than might be considered necessary and (also discreetly) exposing themselves to interested men at the urinals on either side. I would have sucked off either the man to my right or to my left, but a man on his left got to him first & stroked him off while I watched. By that time the man on my right had departed.
I could have stayed longer, but felt that because I was the only Caucasian, a protracted stay might attract too much attention from the washroom attendant. So I departed & visited the park.
After photographing it to death, I decided to revisit the toilet. On entering, I offered a few coins to the attendant (sort of  "please look the other way" money), as he would undoubtedly have recognised me from a few minutes earlier. He very politely declined to take it, but, at that point, I knew he wouldn't bother me.
The man who had done the stroking off a while earlier was still there & I would have stayed to suck someone off, but it was getting late & I had arranged to have dinner (yet again) with HKG 2 - and so departed.
All that said, this toilet is definitely a find & I'd recommend a visit to anyone with a taste for uncut Cantonese cock.

For an update on action there, see my 7 March 2015 blog
Cocksucking at the Tseun Wan public toilet today.

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