Ready for action with HKG

Ready for action with HKG
Took this photo with me in it as a mistake when HKG was posing

Thursday, 13 September 2012

My latest diversions

All I have so far is a photo of my new Chinese nanny friend fully clothed  - not the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen, but suitably desirous. Photos in the buff in due course if I can get them.
She only has about 8 hours a week off, so I need to work fast, especially since the stars have to line up so that it's on a day when my ladyfriend is away. Fortunately she is most co-operative.

I recently put in a Craigslist posting for an older female friend, noting that I'm "partially attached". Predictably, many women were horrified at the thought - and felt obliged to write to so inform me - but I do have a 55 year old Philipino woman who's interested. My ladyfriend is in town, so it'll be a week or so before I can meet her. And we'll see where that goes.

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