Ready for action with HKG

Ready for action with HKG
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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Nobody talks

I'm not sure if that's what it is - or that they have nothing to tell, but it struck me over the years (in eastern Europe as well as here) that it's very unlikely that you'll get anyone to talk about what they do, where they do it....or even exactly what it is they're looking for.
I recollect an incident about 10 years ago in Moscow here I asked another fellow hanging around the toilets near the Taganskaya Metro (whom I took to be a kindred spirit) whether there were any other good spots in the city. I had already staked out 3 or 4 others (being the ones at the railway stations), but, given my seemingly insatiable appetite, was keen on finding out if there were others. At first he pretended not to understand what I was asking about. My Russian wasn't entirely fluent, but I know that I had been reasonably explicit, so I rephrased it slightly and he replied (eventually) that he didn't know of any other public toilets in the city.
His answer bordered on the preposterous and it struck me as being typical of the replies I get from most other men that I strike up conversations with in similar circumstances. Firstly, they pretend not to know what you're referring to, then they claim not to know of anywhere else - and having listened to everything they do have to say, you're none the wiser.
I've had similar experiences here, twice recently in a heavily wooded area at one of the large public parks where all of us there are either looking to suck or be sucked - I mean there's no other reason to be there - it's not as though you're hanging around there waiting for your wife to finish shopping - or that I look like I might be an undercover cop.
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