Ready for action with HKG

Ready for action with HKG
Took this photo with me in it as a mistake when HKG was posing

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Just back from a week in Hong Kong - sex addiction sated?

Sated for the moment perhaps, but I expect not for long.

I arrived early on a Tuesday morning and, after a long hot shower, decided to strike out to several of the local public washrooms near my hotel in Sheung Wan.
On the flight of stairs up to Hollywood Road, I passed a young Asian woman (it turns out she is Indonesian & 33 - see photo below) who wished me Happy New Year. I turned to look back at her, as she did to me....and soon had invited her for coffee - and she agreed to meet me a few minutes later after she took her groceries home.
It was about 15 minutes into our conversation over coffee that I realised that she had told me three times that she had to be back home by 5 pm. It then dawned on me what she might be implying - and took appropriate action.
Some days I'm slower than others.

I have few other Filipino friends who live there (all work as domestic helpers - as with the Indonesian woman above). The one below was so horny that she paid no attention to being photographed.

They all work at least 6 days a week and are suitably sex starved. So it does make for an erotic time.
Unfortunately, the only day they're reliably off is Sunday - and fitting in more than one a day just doesn't work.
The Indonesian woman on a weekday afternoon was just a lucky hit.

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